2 horse angle load trailer camper trailer

We offer camper trailer for 2 horses and 3 horses, all the models can be customized such as length, layout, allpiances in living area.
DIMENSIONS Overall Dimensions  L x W x H: mm   5850*2230*2590 7150*2230*2590
Body Dimensions  L x W x H: mm 5000*1980*2230 6300*1980*2230
Inner Dimensions  L x W x H: mm 4975*1930*2155 6275*1930*2155
TRAILER MATERIALS Chassis Material double hot dip galvanized RHS(3.5mm-4.0mm)
Frame Material double hot dip galvanized RHS(2.5mm)
Body panel galvanized (1.2mm)
Roof special molded FRP 5000*1980mm
Nuts & Bolts stainless steel
WHEELS & TYRES Wheel Rim 14' aluminium alloy rims
Tyres 215R16
Spare Wheel one
AXLES & SUSPENSIONS Axles two special trailer axles 50*50mm
Leaf Springs roll rocker tandem spring suspension 7 plates
Brake System double axles electric brake,break-away systems
WINDOWS & DOORS Front Window 1220*610mm
Side Windows 2 drop-down windows,3 sliding windows
Vents double sash casement vents
Size of Side Door 1755*615mm
Rear Upper Door 2020*1065mm
Ramp Door 2020*1210mm
Struts pneumatic struts for rear upper & ramp door
Hinges 6mm diameter copper hinges for rear upper door
DRAWBAR  Drawbar Decoration 1.2mm aluminium
Drawbar Safety Chain two
Bracing Wheel one
LIGHTS & RETRO REFLECTORS Square Trailer Plugs 7 wick plug
Side Lamps 6
Rear Lamps led group
Rear Lamps Stand aluminium
Retro Reflectors 6
MUDGUARD Mudguard Type compact mudguards
Mudguard Decoration 1.2mm aluminium in the front of mudguard
Pedal & Step 1.2mm aluminium decoration board
PAINTING Metallic Paint You can choose any colors from RAL color card